Since 2009 I've been working with a variety of digital mediums of visual communication and am open to opportunities local to the San Diego market.

If you're looking for talent in video and motion design for your team or next project get in touch.

Well hey there,
I'm Michael...

I'm an editor/motion designer with 10+ years of experience helping agencies and production houses create content.

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A vintage super 8 camera resting on symmetrical modern concrete block.


Autel Evo drone resting on a launch pad.




How can I help you?

I do technical producing, shoot, and edit for a variety of deliverables with integrated design elements.

For details on production services ranging from pre-production through finishing tap the Capabilities header above.


A tool is only a tool, right? So why the merit badges?

For assistance with a particular toolset or pipeline, here's a list of currently supported software with a description of my experience in each. For a deeper dive into process, take a look at the capabilities section.

Click the toolkit icon for more information.

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