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Event Photography

Product Photography

Batch Processing

Raw photo development

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Exposure ramping

Timelapse Post Processing

RAW sequence capture

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Real Estate


Managing Multiple Collaborators

Remote Teams


Location Scouting

Technical Producing

Workflow Enhancement

When it comes to communication, file sharing, document versioning, scheduling, and all things project management—I use Google Workspace integrations. This in combination with Toggl helps to track scope and budget for specific project sprints. For client feedback I use Black Magic Cloud Presentations to get real time, on-frame revision notes.

With additional experience in other project management software I come prepared to join your organization's workflow.

Actively managing projects spanning multiple systems, content types, cloud/local/roaming storage, as well as integrating external expectations for asset management means systemization for seamless operability at any point during the project life cycle. Care is taken to project/asset versioning control with iterative backups so checkpoints are never far off should the unexpected occur.

I've refined project housekeeping methods to insure easy archival and retrieval of assets well after the close of a project.

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Human Resources


Customer Success Stories

Social Media Content

Broadcast Commercial


Event Recap/Promotion



Corporate Internal Communication


Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are."

—Theodore Roosevelt

The paper manual for Sony Screenblast editing software, Sony Vegas' predecessor.

I hold onto the manual for the first editing software I ever used as a reminder that while tools, abilities, and perspectives are constantly evolving, the fundamental principles of our craft remain constant. As we progress and grow, it's important to stay connected to the curiosity that led us to where we are today, while also recognizing that our present moment is built upon the past and will shape the future.

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Web Delivery

Color Correction

Shot Matching

Color Grading

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Talking head/Interviews

How to/Procedure




Action Sports/Movement



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Logo Bumpers

Lower Thirds

Typography Animation

Custom Transitions

Particle Systems

Motion Tracking

Basic Compositing

Multipass EXR workflow

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