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In a quest for an alternative editor with greater color grading capabilities than Adobe Premiere I started using DaVinci Resolve during the first 16.0 beta. More than a year later this is my preferred editor. DaVinci knows how to innovate, from the Cut page, look versioning, to sync bins much of the editing workflow is cutting edge.

While I still service ongoing Adobe Premiere client editing, I use Resolve for editing, advanced color grading, look development, and am working on integrating more Fusion for basic compositing. As editors go, Resolve is new to the game. This means a smaller user base, but it also means out-of-the-box approaches to long held standards like working with split screen, color management, multicam editing, among many other editing tasks.

Resolve's strength is that it's simple to start using for basic tasks, but it has underlying complexity that allows for deep customization of workflow. Every step of the editing process is modular so there's a high degree of flexibility of how to work based on the project's needs.