A little about me


4:3 Portrait Photo Exterior City
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Hey there, I'm Michael!

I'm a media production generalist operating since 2009. In that time I've worked for production houses, federal agencies, small businesses, and corporate clients to produce visual content.

Project types range from documentary style photo/video to commercial motion graphics. Having recently relocated from Carolina to California I split much of my time between traveling as a shooter on-set and editing at my home office in Hillcrest, San Diego.

My background in production has been a varied one.

Starting my career split between live production and an edit bay has informed a broad base for parallel, complimentary growth. That is, I've learned how to shoot through editing and improved in post-production by spending a lot of time behind a camera. I've followed a combination of curiosity and opportunity to drive my career path. Operating within a range of intentional skillsets has been indispensable to me in the perpetually changing media landscape.

.. In reality, all of these disciplines branch more like a web than a straight line throughout my career—focus shifting to some degree or another depending on myriad and unique client needs. While the specific tools have evolved and grown with time, my underlying pursuit for telling visual stories remains the same.

Many of the projects I've had a hand in aren't available for viewing publicly for legal reasons. So for more work samples feel free to reach out with any inquiries. Or follow me on Instagram to see new personal content.

Thanks very much for your interest and taking the time to view my work!

4:3 Portrait Photo Exterior City