Welcome to the chop shop

Why lead with a photo of 20 year old consumer editing software?

It's not just nostalgia.

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A bit of history—

This is the software that got me started cutting video back in the golden year of 2001. Armed with a Dell computer boasting a massive 2Gb of RAM, many weekends were spent capturing, logging, and archiving DV tape in a time nearly predating Google.

Does this qualify me to work on your project as an editor? Probably not.

But as change is the only constant... my process is certainly the beneficiary of a lot of change.

From Screenblast to Sony Vegas to Apple Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere to Black Magic Davinci Resolve I've been at this long enough to have picked up a few transferable skills along the way. Editors are not a one-size fits all. Over time I've developed a blend of related methods: technical, process, creative and communication to apply to a variety of commercial projects.

Bottom Line:

I can help you find the sweet spot for your content's TIME / QUALITY / COST

If any of the below project types fit bill of what you're looking to accomplish let's talk harmonizing your video messaging.