If you're looking to capture a the relationship of a place to its surroundings or a process, time-lapses can make a worthwhile edition as a unique visual storytelling element with some added production value.

Benefits of time-lapse photography:

  • 6k+ resolution - ideal for pan & scan editing
  • 14-bit raw color - high-level exposure and color reproduction
  • Batch photo processing - added refinement to image post-processing

High-resolution Imagery

Since most online deliverables are an HD 1920x1080 resolution, this allows for a high degree of flexibility for re-framing an image in post. The ability to pan & scan without a loss in quality makes it possible to do cuts on continuity to scene build from a single shot.

What's so special about time-lapses?

Production requirements for processing time-lapses are unique compared to other forms of b-roll. This typically means greater

For a static frame taking potentially hours to shoot, a lot consideration needs to be made before composing the shot. Especially because movement is often challenging to predict. If a shot is planned well, compensating for dramatically changing lighting conditions can be achieved by ramping exposure to ensure the most dynamic range through any part of the day, even sunset or sunrise.

So what's the benefit of all this extra setup time?

These shots are comprised of 14-bit raw still-sequences at a 6k resolution. The color rendition, dynamic range, and ability to pan and scan can make for an entire scene in one shot with careful composition.